DUBBUG ride report 15 June 2014

Kempsey BypassAs I sit here writing the ride report, having done my first 100km ride ever, somewhere out there on the Pacific Highway between Macksville and Urunga, Phil, Bettyanne and Mark are still cycling. Let’s just call them the Legends for brevity’s sake.

The Legends left Urunga at 6am this morning, in the dark, and arrived at Macksville to meet the rest of the DUBBUG riders for the 120km ride to the southern end of the Kempsey bypass.

That ride on its own is a very long one, and there were only two other takers who joined at Macksville – Colleen and George. Dave (ED), being a bit time-challenged, arrived well after everyone else had set off but still managed to catch us before the first stop.

George decided at Eungai Rail that he’d better trust his instincts telling him the 120km ride was more than he should do. He turned back to Macksville, not heeding our pleas and promises that we would take the rest of the ride more slowly.

We picked Mike and Leigh up at Clybucca – both have minor injuries and didn’t want to cycle the entire distance – and continued south, rattling and rocking over an ancient bit of highway before joining the bypass just north of Fredickton.

It was a dream cycle once on the smooth bypass, and even more so when we reached the turnaround point and headed back north with a breeze behind us. The dream cycle, a distance of about 14km, was over much too quickly, however we all agreed it was worth the effort to come that far south.

We had lunch at Fredickton, then rattled our way back to Clybucca, saying goodbye to Leigh and Mike there, and then Colleen at the junction of Stuarts Point Road. She had achieved her goal of 100km and that was enough for the day.

Dave made it back to Macksville where he hopped into his car for the drive home, while the Legends are still out there, battling a head wind and trying to make sure they get back to Urunga before it gets dark. It’s something the rest of us can only aspire to! We wish them well for the Coffs Challenge, for which they’re in training.Clybucca

Next Sunday’s ride is to the north, starting at Coffs Homebase, near the Café, at 8am and riding to Woolgoolga riding sections of the new highway and service roads, for a distance of about 60km return.

The DUBBUG also rides every Wednesday and Friday, departing Urunga BP at 8am for rides of approximately 30km, and riders of all abilities are welcome to join us. For more information, visit our website at www.dubbug.org.au

Colleen Henry