DUBBUG head to the Promised Land

On such a beautiful pleasant Sunday morning where else would you rather be but with fifteen DUBBUG members (Phil, Mark, Dave, Ed, Ian, Lee, Mike, Rayner, Michelle, Peter, Don, Don, Don, Kirk & Blondie) heading out to the valley of Gleniffer the Promised Land where the countryside opens up to lush green farmlands, the cows graze, the slightly narrow roadways form the occasional odd pot-hole, a few hilly terrains to climb for cyclist enthusiasts to enjoy.

Kirk and Blondie were picked up on the old pacific highway by the eleven DUBBUG members all in high form ready and raring to take on the advantage. The first incident which I (Blondie) missed out on seeing but instigated was on the decline as I had such momentum down North Bank East road and my water bottle detached itself from Victoria (my bike) burst across the road creating water spray formations and interference to fellow riders which they thought was quite amazing, only Mark stopping to assist and Kirk nowhere in sight.

Gleniffer road incurred two punctures, one for Peter on the ride out and one for Michelle on the return ride. Whilst both riders are well experienced, team members were willing and able to give a helping hand, although this was the first flat tyre for Michelle on her sleek trusty new friend ‘Lively’ according to Don Lively has super “c…..” thin tyres.

The Old Butter Factory Bellingen did a wonderful job of catering for the well-earned group with abundance of flat whites, cappuccinos, lattes, choc milk shake, chi tea for someone a little fussy/elegant with a few muffins circling the table, whilst making small chat on forming new friends. Five members did the early sneaky departure most of whom never to be seen again…

Whilst the group held one dominating factor ‘the name Don’ all with equal speed and enthusiasm but do not hesitate to join the DUBBUG as we do welcome all new members regardless what your name may be…. My close companions Herb and George were well missed as they took on a little less hilly ride today.

The ride was a short but a challenging one and thank you to all our riders as the ride was a lovely one.
For those DUBBUG members going to Indonesia have a safe and wonderful trip.

As usual, our regular Wednesday and Friday rides start from Urunga BP at 8:00am. All welcome..!

By Kerrie-Rae Ellis (Blondie)