Coffs to Woopi

Ride Report – Coffs to Woopi

15th March 2015

Ian Scott

A very select group of 4 riders congregated at Homebase for an easy 50 kms ride to Woolgoolga (Woopi to the locals!) and back. Most of the DUBBUG crowd are currently cycling around the north island of the land of the wrong white crowd.

The most difficult section of this ride is within the first ½ km, namely up the cycleway along Pacific Highway to Macauleys Headland rd. From here we rode past Anuuka Beach resort then joined up with the Pacific Highway at Pacific Bay resort. In my opinion this is much safer than attempting to ride the highway past the Big Banana.

From here on it was a pleasant ride along the new highway to the Woopi turn off. A bit of a short steep climb into Woolgoolga then it’s time for coffee.

Suitably refreshed and rested we commence the return journey home back along the new highway. Again the return trip was very pleasant riding with just the hint of a head wind. Only the last few kms up the hill at Korora and the climb up Big Banana hill testing the endurance of the group.

Although we were only 4 riders, we managed to ride out and return as a group, managing an average speed of around 26 km/hour. When the NZ group returns, we need to convince them cycling at 26 km/hour is much more comfortable than the usual case of us tail enders going into cardiac arrest attempting to keep up.

Next Sunday’s ride is from BP North Urunga through Coffs to Bucca Tee and return starting at 8:00am.