Coffs Harbour Bypass

It seems strange to discuss about the Coffs Harbour Bypass, however as many our members use the motorway to cycle it is important that we don’t miss out on the community consultation period, which closes this month (30 Nov). If you haven’t already seen the proposal, the Englands Road intersection will be reconstructed as part of the upgrade.  However it does not appear that any work is proposed between Lyons Road and Englands Road.  If this is the case, it would be very sad for cyclists as there is currently no cycle/breakdown lane in this section.  When the bypass is complete, this will be a distinct “gap” along the motorway.

If you feel strongly (or even agree a little bit) about this and would like to see a cycle/breakdown lane included in the Coffs Harbour bypass that extends from Lyons Rd to Englands Rd, then now is the time to have your say.  Simply send an email to stating your request to include this works as part of the bypass.

For more information on the bypass, head to

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