Bucca T & Nana Glen 18 October

A group of energetic riders left Urunga on this delightful morning being guided by ride leader Phil. It was smooth sailing as they sprinted up the highway to Coffs Harbour with only a minor problem of Blondie getting a puncture which was swiftly repaired by Kirk. The group was met by Don and Michele at Homebase where Kirk and Blondie sensibly decided to leave for a leisurely breakfast in town whilst the rest of the group continued on their travels north, climbing up Bruxner Park as they took in the scenic views on their way. After a valiant effort, Herb chose to enjoy the ride back down the mountain and headed home to Urunga whilst the remaining riders carried on to Bucca T and eventually Nana Glen where coffee, cakes and good conversation was shared in a rural setting.

It was evident that spring was well and truly upon us as we took in the lush grass, blossoming flowers, the singing birds and the charming views. In the words of Frederic Ogden Nash, ‘Spring has sprung, the grass is riz. I wonder where the birdies is.’ It was a day of contrast where people chose a fast ride to Coffs along with cars and trucks, a ride into the surrounding peaceful hinterland or both of the afore-mentioned.

Making use of daylight savings and the long afternoon, riders had the choice of finishing early and having a swim, meeting up with family and friends, or as Phil and Mark did, riding all the way home to Urunga. They were the legends of the day, covering over a 100kms!