‘A Little Bird’ Ulong cycling report Sunday 5 March

Cycling is a Metaphor for life.
Today was no exception.
There had been heavy rain overnight and thunderstorms were predicted. The radar looked clear, at least for now. A decision had to be made, so we agreed to RIDE.
Five cyclists from the DUBBUG chose to ascend Eastern Dorrigo Way to Ulong. There were a variety of bikes present – road, hybrid and mountain – but everyone managed to ride in comfort with good conversation along the way. The Bell birds also had their say.
Just before Ulong, an injured bird was found and much discussion occurred as to the best way to care for it. We moved it to a quiet spot on the side of the road and it was agreed that we would talk with the Ulong cafe owners, Carol and Steve, as to the best way to manage this situation. As luck would have it, there was a WIRES representative living in Ulong, and Steve agreed to collect the bird and deliver it to her.
At the Cafe in the Valley, we were treated to Ulong hospitality, and Carol, Steve, Katie and Vince made us most welcome. The Ulong General Store/Cafe offers such delicious meals, cakes and drinks that the climb is always worth it, but it’s the hospitality that is also noteworthy.
On our return home, much to our horror, “our bird” had moved from its safe spot at the side of the road, back to the middle of the road, from where our lead cyclist was trying to move it. A car driver pulled over to assist, then collected the bird for safe delivery to Coffs Harbour where it would be treated.
It seemed most apt to be able to describe our bike ride down the mountain as a flight to freedom, not dissimilar from our Satin Bower Bird, which we hope is recovering quickly so that it will be released once again to be free to fly.
Our morning cycling showed us that food, friendship, kindness and consideration are all key ingredients for life and this is similar for cycling.
And of course, the moral of this report? Meteorology is still an imprecise science, which thankfully allowed us to ride, before another deluge, later in the day.
Please feel free to join us next week for our bike ride to East Bank Road (or Butterfly House) for food, friendship, kindness and consideration.
We’d make you feel most welcome. We meet at the BP Urunga, Sunday at 8am.
Michele Ottaway