Ride Report 17th March 2013 – Urunga to MIddle Boambee

Ride Report – Urunga to Middle Boambee
17th March 2013
Ian Scott

A total of twelve riders, including two new people, Brendan and Tim, turned up at BP North Urunga for a pleasant ride on a perfect autumn day, not a cloud to be seen anywhere.

We headed off to Waterfall Way turnoff then continued along the old highway. After a slow climb up Perry’s Hill for yours truly, most of the group just powered up the hill, we had our first rest stop at Mailman’s Track roundabout. Brendan had the dubious honour of the first flat of the ride.

After sufficient time for everyone to get their breath back, we head off again. Pretty soon Tim R. spots a damsel in distress with a flat tyre on the other side of the road and stops to render assistance,. the rest of us just continue riding. What can one say!

After another brief rest stop at Lyons Road, we head along the highway and turn left at Lindsay’s Road. We continue along Lindsay’s Road then turn left into McAlpine Way.

Having negotiated the ups and downs of McAlpine Way we arrive at the intersection with Ayrshire Park Drive. After a quick discussion a unanimous decision was mad to turn left and coast downhill rather than turn right up the steep bit. Down Ayrshire Park Drive then left into Middle Boambee Road then left at L:indsay’s Road, we arrive at Garden Mania for the obligatory caffeine fix.

After coffee the group heads of along the new highway for a quick trip back to Urunga.