30/10/2011 Report

An interesting ride on Sunday as we only had four riders out cycling on a beautiful spring day.  Deb and Betty did the “official” ride that was outlined in last week’s report, the old favorite of Southarm to Bellingen and then back to Urunga via Southbank They had a great girls day out with lots of coffee and chatter although a little slow for Deb.

The other two riders for the day did not read last week’s report and blindly followed the information emailed previously, that is, Urunga to Nambucca Tavern for coffee and return. As Barry was meeting the group at Valla, Jannine rode back to Valla and they completed the Nambucca ride. Not as bad as others who thought we were still doing the overnight ride to South West Rocks.  A bit of a communication breakdown but we all had a nice morning of cycling. Hurry back George, we need you.  Hopefully next week we will see more riders.

A good group turned up for Wednesday’s ride considering many are away on holidays and it was cold and wet. We were provided with coffee and fruit toast compliments of Ron Day to celebrate his 80th birthday.  Thank you Ron, we all appreciated it and hope you had a great birthday.

All rides, unless otherwise advised now start at 7:30am.

Next Sunday is a 7:30 am start from Urunga for a ride out along Northbank to Bellingen, Gleniffer, Gordonville and then onto Summerville Road to Waterfall Way and back to Urunga.  For more information please call 666527464.

Weekday rides as usual start at the Urunga BP at 7:30am on Wednesday and Friday, see you there.  For more information please call 666527464.