26/2/2012 Report

Cycling around Dorrigo, one’s able to go in two different directions – up and down. And two different speeds – fast and slow. Strangely enough, going down does not necessarily mean going fast. The roads are rough in places and if you don’t know the roads well there’s a danger of getting up speed and rattling your way to the bottom only to find a plank bridge that you have to pick your way across.

Sunday’s ride started in Dorrigo for 11 of us. But for two riders, the day started in Bellingen. Phil and Dave did a pre-ride ride from Bellingen to Dorrigo. The two of them have a couple of recent long rides under their belts – Dave did the Grafton Inverell cycle a couple of weeks ago, while Phil cycled from his home near Urunga up to the Gold Coast and back over six days. Well done to them both!

The destination for the day was Tibb’s Tree, out past Dangar Falls about 12km, then a side road – a 13.3 km stretch of “barely there” bitumen (the moss-covered sections were a bit of a challenge), and a kilometre of gravel at the end just to make it more interesting.

The road wound through farmland and beautiful rainforest and the weather was perfect, with the air just a touch on the cool side so that even with the effort of going up the hills we didn’t get too hot.

Arriving at Tibb’s Tree, most of the group dismounted and made the dash into the undergrowth to see the tallowood tree, with dashing being a necessity thanks to the threat of leaches. Most of us emerged with at least two or three trying to hitch a ride and Mike reported more than 50!

The many hills enroute from Dorrigo to Tibb’s Tree made the 47 km trip a slow one, taking us a bit over 3 hours. Most agreed that even with the leaches and the rough road and moss, it was good to be off the Pacific Highway and away from the traffic for a change.

There was an alternative ride for those of the DUBBUG who didn’t want to trek to Dorrigo. Betty Anne reported that it was perfect weather for the perfect ride, with the wafting aroma of croissants at the Butter Factory adding to a great morning, with new rider Chris experiencing the Tour de Bello for the first time.

Next Sunday’s ride will be a long one – 120km. Starting at BP Urunga, out to Nana Glen and back; let’s hope the weather’s not too hot or wet. The alternative ride is out to Bellingen and back, via the South Arm/North Bank route. Wednesday and Friday rides are at 7.30 departing from Urunga BP. For further information, ring George S. on 6568 2115.

Phil top of Dorrigo Mountain!

Phil top of Dorrigo Mountain!

Bruce flat out!

Dave halfway up!

De boys make de top!

Steve gears! What gears?

Tibbs Tree Group 1!

Tibbs Tree Missing Riders!