25/3/2012 Report

Once again the amazing organizational abilities of the committee was demonstrated this Sunday. First El Presidente discovers there is a bridge out on Martells Road which was the advertised ride. Allan Brighton was dobbed in as today’s ride leader because he did not bring a note explaining his absence last Sunday. At least we had a sign-on sheet this week!
13 riders turned up to start the ride which was last Sunday’s ride in the reverse direction. After watching a 81 class loco pulling 50 cement wagons south (Did I get it right Herb?) we headed off north along the new highway. When we got to Mailmans Track, Allan Fahey joined us, but we discovered that George Smith had gone home, tired legs he said. More like tired of us!!
Continuing along the highway, we turned off at Archville Station road then right at Pine Creek Way to Bonville. Left into Gleniffer Road then started the long gradual climb up the hills. Not sure if it just my imagination but the 4 Kms of dirt seemed much rougher than last week. Shows how quickly logging trucks can damage the roads. Still a pleasant ride through the forest.
Left into Hydes Creek road and a few long slow climbs up the ridge. It is a much better ride going in this direction as the really rough bits are going uphill not downhill. Also the very smooth asphalt winding downhill a few Kms from North Bank road really got the speed freaks going.
We stopped for coffee and scones at the Old Butter Factory then prepared ourselves for the ride back to Urunga. Back through Bellingen, across the river then right into North Bank road. With the two long climbs out of the way, we stopped for a roadside chat at Allan Fahey’s front gate. This degenerated into a finger pointing argument as to who was going to write the ride report. Pouring oil on troubled waters, I stuck my hand up to write the report.
We left Allan and continued along North Bank road, through Raleigh then back to the BP servo at Urunga. Apart from Allan Brighton dropping his chain once, no mechanical problems at all this ride. A flat free ride!! This appears to be a popular ride, in particular going in the direction we did today. For the members that missed it, I am sure this ride will appear regularly on the calendar.