24th November 2013 – Dorrigo to Bostobrick

DUBBUG Ride Report
George Smith
24th November 2013

Dorrigo, as usual, offered perfect weather and fantastic scenery to delight the five riders who journeyed up the mountain for Sunday’s ride.
Talking of mountains: It’s hilly up there! Herb Simpson got the prize for the quote of the day: “The more hills I go up the more down I feel.”

George, whose love of hills is almost legendary, found a new method to gain power for the difficult ascents. Having failed to train the multitude of flies, hitching a ride on his back, to flap their wings. “To assist with the climbs”; he resorted to eating them. Not tasty, and not particularly effective, but protein is supposed to help.

Our ride leader, Allan Brighton, maintained the traditional degree accuracy in ride descriptions that was started by our honoured founder, George Hudson. He got the distance wrong and failed to mention that there were more than a couple of hills.

Dorrigo looked a bit like the Promised Land – flowing with milk and honey. The paddocks were brilliant green and the cattle (and flies) looked sleek and fat. It is truly a delightful place to visit and, indeed to ride in.

Coffee and apple pie at the local café soothed tired legs and set us up for the trip home.