23rd February 2014 – Urunga to Glennifer

DUBBUG Ride Report February 23, 2014

If life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away then Sunday’s ride added greatly to life as it was an exceedingly hilly 60 kilometer course from Urunga to Gleniffer and return.

New riders Margie and Leigh, not used to such abuse, struggled valiantly; with the former needing Harry Houdini on hand to extricate her from her over-tightened clip-in bike pedals at recuperation stops and Allan’s honey shots to keep her energy levels up.

The remaining nine riders cheerfully surmounted each obstacle, considering it far better to be “over the hill” than under it. Bellingen’s bone shaking, false teeth chattering roads added to the fun.

The Butter Factory’s delights couldn’t have come soon enough where Dave’s ham and eggs represented a day’s work for a chicken but a lifetime commitment for a pig. However, his ineffable lightness of being overcame this digestive obstacle and he was able to claim king of the mountain on the day. He was hotly challenged by Mark who, on his new road bike, is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

With most riders sporting the new black and yellow club shirts it was interesting to note the more positive response this elicited from car drivers and others towards our cyclists. Even the café wanted a group photo. Motorists uniformly acted as if we had every right to use the road too.

Next week’s easy 45 km Sunday ride leaves from the BP at Urunga to Garden Mania and return at 0800 hours. A BBQ incorporating the AGM will be organised en-route.