2015 Annual General Meeting

GeorgeIt was a great turn-out for our 2015 AGM, with 17 people doing the short ride from our usual Urunga start point to Bongil Bongil National Park. Riders were met there by the ever-smiling Alan and Bev who, with Kirk and Herb’s help, provided morning tea before the start of the meeting at 9.30.

It was George Smith’s last meeting, resigning after three years as President and many years as a ride leader. His contribution to the DUBBUG over the years was warmly appreciated by the group. His final President’s report is included at the end of this report.

Herb Simpson tabled his financial report and was happy to report that the club had a modest surplus of $280.50 for the year, boosting the coffers to $1128.47 in total.

New officers were elected, with Colleen Henry voted in as President (and Public Officer), Alan Brighton and Herb Simpson returning as Vice President and Treasurer respectively and Mike Flood taking up the pen as Secretary. The Directors elected were Phil Jones, Ian Scott and Dave Spears.

There were only two items of general business. The group narrowly supported Dave’s motion that ride leaders and committee members receive a subsidy to help pay their Bicycle NSW membership, with the quantum to be decided by the Committee keeping in mind the limited Club finances.

And Colleen’s request that rides in the months of December, January and February begin at 7am instead of 8am was supported. The changed start time will be in effect immediately from Wednesday 28 January.

A formal set of minutes is available on request from Colleen Henry.

President’s Annual Report

DUBBUG for the Year Ended 31st December 2014

I am happy to present this, my third and final annual report.  I think we have achieved a great deal over the past year, thanks to the hard work of so many of our members. 

We have again welcomed many new members.  That they want to join us must indicate that we are doing something right.  Foremost is the wonderful camaraderie that exists amongst our members. Which makes all newcomers and old stagers alike, feel welcome

Last year, and indeed the year before that, I said that that the group is getting fitter. This trend has accelerated (of course it might just be that I have slowed down)  Phil Jones, and Kirk Taylor, continued last year’s form and have been joined by “Ed”, Raynor, and many others. I think it is fair to say that most of us ride as part of a quest for physical fitness.  That so many are now so strong in the saddle is another testament to our success.

Having said all that, I repeat my previous year’s comment, that those thinking of joining our ranks should not be disheartened by reports of these individual achievements.  Our practice is always to wait for slower riders at regular “catch-up” spots.  Our perennial Tail End Charlie, Herb Simpson, continues his role at the back to keep us slower folk company and to assist in the event of problems. Thank you Herb!

Once more, trips away have provided highlights this year. A very big thank you is due to Mike Flood. The successful New Zealand trip was followed by an outstanding Vietnam trip. Other trips away to local spots such as Hat Head have also added spice to our cycling experience.  Another New Zealand trip is now scheduled. Mike certainly earned his “Thomas Cook” Award.

The new club uniforms have proved to be a resounding success.  They have contributed to our high community profile and to attracting new members.  Being easily recognisable has brought an added sense of responsibility in our riding behaviour, which I think is all to the good.  Colleen again earned our gratitude for managing the ordering and distribution.  It is pleasing that many of our visitors have purchased our uniforms for use “back home”.

On the technology front, Dave Spears has revitalised our web site and its success is evidenced by the receipt of regular comments, from those, even “non-Members,” who follow our activities on it.  A testament to his success. 

Regrettably we again had a number of accidents this year. Most serious of these was Alan Brighton who is still not back on his bike after a bingle in Vietnam. He is recovering slowly and we hope to have him back with us soon.   That a careful rider such as Alan can come to grief prompts me to repeat my warning of last year.  Cycling has inherent risks.  We all need to be aware of our limitations, and to both, take care of ourselves, and of the others with whom we ride.

On the administrative side it is good to have treasurer Herb report another modest surplus for the year.  This was helped, to the tune of $100 by the members who took part in the Super Tuesday bike count.  Regrettably the Footy tipping competition again failed to earn the sums of previous years – I think they should have listened to me in relation to South Sydney.  We were able to fund some celebratory functions and to continue the $15 contribution towards the cost of the purchase of one club shirt per member.  I again offer thanks to Herb for keeping the books and, yet again, resisting any temptation to fund the replacement of his “vintage” bike.

The ride leaders have arranged the ride programs for the year and have led numerous fantastic rides. My thanks to Phil, Colleen, Bettyanne, Ian, and Allan for continuing to plan and run rides that are designed to maximise safety.  That these rides are planned, surveyed, and controlled, during their course, goes a long way towards promoting the safety of our riders.  It has been suggested that we might revert to a “system” of ad hoc rides, where the route for the day is chosen by those who turn up.  I am not in favour of such a proposal.  Firstly on safety grounds, as I have just mentioned, but also because I like a programme that lets me know in advance what I will be in for.  I can then, either chicken out or carry the gear appropriate for the distance and difficulty involved

Finally, I thank all of you who have supported me throughout 2014 and the previous years.  I believe we have done a lot to promote cycling, and cycling safety.  In particular: Vice President Alan Brighton; Treasurer and “tail end Charlie”, Herb Simpson; our new computer wizard Dave (ED); Secretary and public relations expert Colleen Henry; and, Trip organiser Mike Flood.  Plus, of course, our ride leaders and the many others, “too numerous to mention”. 

I have reached the stage where I am not fit enough to “lead” rides.  Leading, in my view, requires that the person is able to, at least keep the others in sight.  I have been singularly incapable of that lately and have recognised the need to hang up my spurs as a ride leader. Apart from that, I look forward to yet another year of friendship and joyous cycling with a great mob of riders.  I wish my successor all the best in what is a rewarding task.

George Smith


25th January 2015