1st December 2013 – Mount Brown Loop

Ride Report
1st December 2013 – Mt Brown Loop
Ian Scott

Myself then George were the first to arrive at Coffs City Centre for the start of the day’s ride. Dave, Mark and Phil had decided to start from Urunga and ride to Coffs. Dave and Mark duly arrive but no Phil! A major blow out had split Phil’s back tire about 2 Kms south of Coffs. Luckily Mike and Colleen arrived and gave Phil a lift into town.

After a group discussion on how we could get Phil back on the road, George suggested he swap back wheels with Phil as Phil needs all the training he can for the upcoming Grafton Inverell ride.

(The real story! George is thinking “How can I come up with an excuse to avoid riding up Red Hill? If I swap back wheels with Phil then I can follow the group in the comfort of my car!”)

So we headed west out of town ready for the long climb up Red Hill with everyone making it to the top (including George from the comfort of his car!).

After the obligatory rest stop to get our breath back we continued along Coramba Rd then turned left into Upper Orara Rd at Karangi store. We stopped at Karangi Dam to have a quick look at Coffs water supply (well most of us did. Mike, Colleen and Phil couldn’t here me yelling “Turn Left” and continued on).

After becoming one group again, we turned right into North Island Loop Rd for a pleasant few Kms ride through undulating farm land surrounded by hills. Climbing out of the valley towards Mt Brown, we encountered a heavy rain shower which luckily only lasted for a few minutes.

Turning right into Mt Brown Rd we prepare for a long downhill descent. A combination of wet road and very rough surface meant all the group had a very sedate descent. Back on Coramba Rd and on the home run we stop for the last rest stop at the top of Red Hill.

As the rain has disappeared and the road surface dry, the adrenaline junkies where in their element descending Red Hill. Arriving back in the centre of Coffs we stop for the essential coffee and assorted food.