17.3.2012 Report

The designated ride leader Allan Brighton (according to our ride calendar) did an amazing job channeling himself through Ian Scott while relaxing in his caravan at Nambucca Heads. Nine riders set of from BP North Urunga north along the highway to the Waterfall Way turnoff. As we turned left into the Old Pacific Highway we passed a group of cyclists heading south. This bike riding caper is getting very popular!
We turned into North Bank road and had an interesting challenge staying on line as there was a very strong cross wind. Once we started climbing the usual suspects (Phil, Dave, Mike & Steve) powered away and left the rest of us struggling up the hill. Good to see Mike back to his usual form after his recent surgery, he powered up the hill leaving other riders in his wake (myself anyway)
Battling cross winds/head winds and the other climbs on North Bank road we arrived at Bellingen at 8:30am wondering if the coffee shop would be open. Thankfully it was, and we were served in record time.
Back on North Bank road then turned left into Hydes Creek road for a pleasant ride through undulating hills through open farm land then into Pine Creek State forest. The road along hear is bitumen, stated out very smooth hotmix then morphed into patches on patches. One downhill stretch was so rough it tested how well you false teeth fitted.
We turned right into Gleniffer Road and 4 Kms of dirt road which turned out to be a pretty good surface. Only a couple of bends had loose gravel and there were a few corrugations at the start of the dirt. We turned right onto Pine Creek Way and struck a headwind that would blow a dog of a chain.
At Archville Station Road roundabout, Steve, Bruce and myself decided to head for home as we had ridden from Boambee East to Urunga before the start of the ride. Besides, much more enjoyable riding with a tail wind. I presume everyone made it back to Urunga OK.
Steve takes the flat award on this ride although it didn’t technically happen on the ride. We were riding to the start.