“Pretty in Pink!”

Phil and Mark in their "Tour de Rocks" jerseys

Phil and Mark in their “Tour de Rocks” jerseys

Ride Report – 17th April 2016

Ian Scott

The advertised ride for today was from Urunga to Macksville along the Pacific highway. The club has the uncanny knack of always scheduling this ride during school holidays. Not sure who has the death wish in the group but it’s not me!

So flouting the club’s constitution, an executive decision (I don’t think 4 people is a quorum and Herb the only committee member!) was made at Friday’s coffee session to change the ride route. The chosen route is new highway to Lyons Rd, old highway to Williams Rd, detour to Bongil Bongil NP picnic area, old highway to Perrys Rd then Mylestom for coffee. Credit goes to Kirk for proposing it.

Ten people assembled at BP North Urunga ready for the 8:00am start. I must say Phil and Mark looked very smart in their pretty pink “Tour de Rocks” jerseys having ridden from Armidale to South West Rocks the previous three days. Talk about gluttons for punishment! It was good to see Eric, one of the original DUBBUGers, join us again.

The weather today was almost perfect riding conditions with the temperature around 20 degrees, slightly overcast and very little wind. We headed up the new highway then back to Bongil Bongil NP picnic area for a short break. From there to the much anticipated coffee stop at Mylestom.

Enthusiastic Dave (Ed) and his wife Margaret were waiting at the Mylestom general store for us. Ed had also participated in the “Tour de Rocks” ride and claimed he needed some rest and recovery time. Margaret had a light hearted dig at him “Phil’s got almost 20 years on you, he’s on the bike but you need a rest?”.

After the refreshments of muffins and great coffee it was on to the final leg of the ride back to Urunga. The traffic along the road between Mylestom and Repton was heavy enough, I hate to think what it would have been like between Urunga and Macksville.

As a last minute decision, this ride route was enjoyed by all riders and will be put on the list for future ride calenders.

Bundagen Cycle Report 27 March 2016


A dozen cyclists took up the challenge to toughen up their mountain bike skills on Easter Sunday.  The night before it had rained heavily, however it was in selected areas and, unfortunately, only became a problem close to the end…

Garden Mania Sunday 20 March

A picture is worth a thousand words ….

Next Sunday’s ride starts from Urunga BP at 8 am.  There are separate rides for both road bikes and mtb, cyclocross, flat bar etc.  We’ll finish at Mylestom for coffee & hot cross buns (supplied by DUBBUG).  If you aren’t a member (yes, we know who you are) and want a “free” coffee, then head over our membership page and make our Treasurer happy.  Otherwise, a small donation on Sunday would be in order.

Stung by a Bluebottle – the missing $5.70


Ride Report 13th March 2016 – Coffs to Woopi Ian Scott As the designated ride leader, I did the mandatory weather check when I got up this morning, clear but overcast. Had breakfast, donned the cycling gear ready to jump…

Bundagen – Sunday 27 March Option

Tour de RocksFolks, some of us are in training for the Tour De Rocks, so it is a perfect time to drag out our mtb / hybrid / cyclocross bikes and give them a working.  We have designed an extra special ride (as an alternate option to our regular ride) to try your skills on dirt road and some trails.  The ride starts at Urunga BP, to Valery Rd, “Cows with Guns” mountain bike circuit, onto Bundagen, Tuckers Rock and coffee at Mylestom.  The route can be viewed by clicking here.  Be prepared for some manhandling as we near the beach at Bundagen.

The Bundagen ride will be an alternate offering on Sunday 27th March.  Our scheduled ride to Sawtell, for those wishing to use road bikes, will still be held.  Both rides depart Urunga BP at 8 am.

We are actively seeking mountain bike guides to lead us around “Cows with Guns” – if you know keen riders wanting to join this ride, please invite them. This is a great introductory track which offers basically flat, flowing single and double track hugging the banks of Pine Creek.

DUBBUG Cycle Ride Report – Mylestom – 6 March 2016


Starting off with just a few riders, the numbers grew as we passed regular stopping points heading towards Lyons Rd on the new highway. Aptly called “the conveyer” due to the consistent high speeds that can be achieved along this smooth undulating stretch of road, it has become increasing popular for “pelotons” of cyclists to enjoy testing their skills and fitness levels. “Bello Don” used this section to catch up with the group and Steve & “ED” paved the way at the front. The return section along the old highway gave Mark a puncture, however with the threat of rain there was no holding back as we descended alongside Repton railway and a sprint to Mylestom for coffee & cake.