The Long and Windy Road

Club President George and MarkThe wind was the critical factor in today’s ride. What seemed like a gentle breeze at our backs on the way north to Coffs had turned into a raging gale by the time we had our coffee and headed back south to Urunga.

Despite the chilly starting conditions, there were 12 riders who took off from Urunga, which was a pretty large group.


John & BA Old Pacific HwyBRISK BIKING

It was a brisk 6 degrees when nine of us gathered in Urunga, for our short return ride of 40 plus kilometres, to Garden Mania on Sunday.  We were joined by Kirk at Raleigh, and later met Michele and Don, as they cycled down towards us from Diggers. 

Tour De France App


For those who want to follow the Tour De France, be sure to download the SBS App, which runs on Tablet/Ipad & smart phones.  The App has live TV as well as all the statistics, relief map etc as the…

DUBBUG riders enjoy ANOTHER great morning tea

Ann and BruceIt may have been Ann and Bruce’s reputation for putting on a marvelous morning tea, or the fact that today’s ride was short with few hills, or it may have been the attraction of cycling on a fine winter’s day.

Whatever it was, it drew 16 DUBBUG riders for the ride from Urunga to Sawtell, a distance of just under 50km, on a nippy Sunday morning.

Coffs to Woopi


Coffs to Woopi Ian Scott 22nd June 2014 Nine riders gathered at Homebase ready for our Woopi adventure. After a brief discussion of the weather, temperature and the appropriate number of layers for winter riding, we headed off. To get…

DUBBUG ride report 15 June 2014

Kempsey BypassAs I sit here writing the ride report, having done my first 100km ride ever, somewhere out there on the Pacific Highway between Macksville and Urunga, Phil, Bettyanne and Mark are still cycling. Let’s just call them the Legends for brevity’s sake.

The Legends left Urunga at 6am this morning, in the dark, and arrived at Macksville to meet the rest of the DUBBUG riders for the 120km ride to the southern end of the Kempsey bypass.

DUBBUG Ride Report 8 June 2014

The ride from Scotts Head to Fisherman’s Reach has three good hills in it (six if you count them both ways) but our Sunday ride is now dubbed the “Scotts Head Flats” ride. Herb, our ever-cheerful tail end Charlie, collected…